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Donald - Jan 16, 2012

Abdel was great. I had lost the administrator's password to an old laptop. The online forums all set nothing could be done unless I had the original software. Abdel had no problem in getting the password deleted and getting the laptop back to normal



Excellent Service. Abdel removed a terrible virus and restored my laptop. He offers wonderful customer service and performs a thorough job. I will definitely use his services again.


Asif ‎ - Jan 10, 2012

Very good service. My laptop fell and the screen and hard drive broke and Abdel managed to recover all the data and made my laptop better than it was before. Highly recommend them!


Elisa ‎ - Oct 12, 2011

My laptop died and PC Tek helped me lots. Helpful and courteous staff, affordable prices. Highly recommended.


T.S. ‎ - Oct 3, 2011

My laptop had been having issues with wireless connectivity and the video card. We found PC Tek when we googled for comp repair. The shop is kind of hidden, but I am glad we found Abdel here. He kept the laptop for a few days and tried various things to repair it. When he couldn't fix it, he got his friend to come look at it. He kept the laptop for a couple of weeks more until he and his friend fixed all the issues with it. He kept us posted about the machine's issues, how he was trying to fix it and how much it would cost. He was aware of our budget and kept it very close to what we wanted to spend. We just got our laptop back yesterday and came away impressed with Abdel's work and honesty. Highly recommend these guys for PC issues!!


Benjamin ‎ - Oct 2, 2011

Went to PC Tek Solutions due to a hard drive issue as well as a fan problem. The service was outstanding and the work was thorough and professional. I was given a price i found to be quite reasonable given that i needed a replacement hard drive and my laptop to be opened up completely. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone with computer issues of any kind.


Chris - Sep 1, 2011

I went there twice and they were great both times. very quick and professional and the price for their service is more than a deal. Abdul even came late just so I could pick up my laptop after business hours. I def recommend them for any and all pc problems you may have.



BAHAR Aug 28,2011.

THE BEST COMPUTER REPAIR PLACE IS PC TEK SOLUTIONS.ABDUL fixed my many PC by short time with great price. moreover, PC has so many personal & companies,you have to take u PC where you trust & THK is one. therefore, I decided all my companies PC to fix by TEK SOLUTIONS.


Vicky ‎ - Aug 22, 2011

We all know how disconnected you feel when your laptop is down or even worse has a virus. Desperately wanting to connect back to cyber space I went on line and searched for a solution. I found PC Tek after calling 4 other computer guys; Abdul was very professional on the phone and he didn't make me feel incompetent about my PC issue. Not only was he friendly he also quoted me the best price! My laptop was fixed the same day and all of my files were saved :) I would totally recommend PC Tek Solutions because they get the job done at a far price while treating you with respect.


Melissa ‎ - Aug 21, 2011

Abdel at PCTek did a great job fixing the broken screen on my laptop. Though it did take longer than expected, I KNOW I got a better price and better service than I would have at some place like Best Buy. Everything is done in-house, which I appreciate and they are very responsive to phone calls. Overall, I had a good experience with them and have already recommended them to a neighbor!


Hanaleigirl ‎ - Aug 21, 2011

PC Tek saved me when my external hard drive crashed. I thought I'd lost everything, but they not only recovered all data, but upgraded my laptop. And, to their credit, they advised on a more reliable external hard drive and researched where I could find it at the most inexpensive price (Best Buy, with a price match from another shop). No expensive up-sells, just very good service. I was pretty amazed they not only didn't try and make money of selling me parts, but they used their time while I was in the store to find where I could find the cheapest hard-drive. Oh, and twice, they brought my computer to my apartment as I don't have a car and waited while the data transferred. It was like having a laptop concierge for a reasonable price. I'm sold on PC Tek.


Benjamin ‎ - Aug 16, 2011

Their store is a little hard to find, but PC Tek fixed my DC Jack for a good price ($95) and finished it in a reasonable amount of time. They were friendly and I would definitely return in the future.


Ibrahim ‎ - May 23, 2011

Very professional technician came on time and fixed my two computers for reasonable price. Before I found PC Tek I took to best buy and they told me it will take 5 days to fixed and cost for the repair was ridiculously high. Thank God I found this tech and price. I will recommend anyone who wants quick, reasonable price and reliable service.


Mike q ‎ - Feb 24, 2011

5 stars!! tech .was on time, and took his time to fix ALL issues with my Two lap tops ,and one tower . I called to fix a networking , wireless connection problem and he fixed not only that , he optimized the apperance , speed , virus protection, enabled wirless printing , all kinds of things i wanted but had no idea how to do myself . he took his time to make sure all issues were resolved and working properly before leaveing . WELL worth the reasoanable fee!!will recomend to others and will definetly call if i need any tech help .


Dalbir ‎ - Apr 19, 2010

The Best of the Best Service Thanks to PC Tech I have my old laptop working great like brand new. he told me that hard drive was bad so I had to replace the hard drive and installed all proper software need for my laptop protection all this for a reasonable price. Thanks for the great service!!


Lori Ann ‎ - Apr 15, 2010

Great Service at a Reasonable Price PC Tech fixed my PC tower and my Laptop. He came to my house so I didn't need to unplug my computer. All my files needed to be moved to an external hard drive and Windows reinstall. It took a long time, but my computer is running like a charm now. While we waited for the reinstall, I had him look at my Laptop which was running slow as well. Thankfully I didn't have all the problems with the laptop as I did with the PC tower. He came up with a few options and I decided to upgrade the laptop. He personally picked up the memory and new external hard drive from the Computer Store in Fairfax. He gave me the receipt and I paid him back for the exact cost of the item - no upcharge. How many PC companies would do that! The price for all the work was very reasonable and he continues to provide service to me as needed. Just recently I called with a question on how to remove malicious software and he walked me through the whole process. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I back this company 100% Lori


Ann ‎ - Oct 11, 2009

The Best in Northern VA! I have to say that the reviews on this company are true! I sent my laptop to PC Tech with problems with the screen (flickering and darkening) and trust me the tech new exactly what he was doing. He diagnosed the problem, and made other relevant suggestions for my computer to run better. The price? Amazingly REASONABLE....I will recommend this company to anyone. They are not as pricey as the other competitors in the area.....I did my research...and I can vouch for their services. They do house calls if you want....very patient, nice and professional! TRY THEM!!



KScott ‎ - Feb 12, 2009

True PC Super hero with Great Service! My laptop crashed and I needed to get back up and running quickly. I found Pc Tech via an online search and they responded right away with a very reasonable quote. I dropped off my machine with them and they had it fixed that same day within the quoted price. I since went back to buy a machine from them which is also working out great. I highly recommend Pc Tech!


Edwin ‎ - Feb 5, 2009

Removes dreaded computer viruses! When I found that my computer was plagued with a Trojan virus, I consulted Craigslist and found PC Tech. They removed it in a timely and cost effective manner (and on a weekend). I highly recommend them.


Feb 4, 2009

Wonderful !!!! I found PC Tech on-line and called them because their office was close to my house. I called Abdel and told him my problems (i.e., slow computer, not cleaned up for years, etc). I brought my tower in and he spent the day on it. He then came to my house and reconnected everything. He even taped wires nicely together and was very neat about it. I then asked him to do work on my laptop and he stayed a few hours into the night to help me with that. He is very patient and knows what he is doing. The price was extremely REASONABLE and my computers both work wonderfully !! Would recommend to anyone.


Truck ‎ - Feb 4, 2009

Excellent Service. Got DC Jack repaired on my Dell Laptop The power jack on my dell laptop was broken and I got it fixed at this company. The guy was flexible, reliable and understanding. The cost was resonable compared to other online servicers i found on craigslist and other stores in the area. The repair was done almost on time. Hope I dont have any computer problem again, but if I do, I would be calling this company first.


Inga - Feb 3, 2009

Excellent service -- highly recommended! I've now used this firm twice: once to upgrade the memory on my mom's computer and another time to do the same for my old computer. I was very pleased with their efficient and professional service in both cases. My computer especially, was a bit of a challenge, because it's old, but I really wasn't ready to ditch it and get a different one, so PC Tech located the right type of memory chips (which are hard to find, since they are no longer manufactured) and successfully upgraded my computer. It's now performing a lot faster, and I could not be more pleased. I would definitely use them again!

Feb 2, 2009

Superior Service and Extremely Professional I am new to the area and looking for a job. Well, my hard-drive crashed and I took my laptop to one of the larger companies. They wanted to ship my computer off for two (2) weeks to replace the hard-drive. I knew there had to be a quicker turn around... I needed a JOB! PC Tech upgraded my laptop in just 2 days and it is like NEW!!! In this economy, they were a lifesaver. I cannot say enough about their professionalism and efficiency.


rose ‎ - Aug 26, 2011

With all the constant hardware and software updates every year its hard to keep up. Also, with so many virus out there its important to have someone you trust your computer to. Pc Tek can do all of that and is always fair and time concious so you don't have too much down time. I recommend them all the time. They fix all our office computers, keep us up to date and always let us know of any viruses going on at that time. I like that they are east to reach. Better than most places I've seen been to before.



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